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Simon Cook

Cannes Lions, CEO

"Congrats Balint, Clare and team."

Clare Barry

Cannes Lions, Creative Director

"The amount of feedback on social, already, is absolutely overwhelming. Balint Danyi and Naomi Hartridge-Dawes were two of the most professional and positive individuals I’ve EVER worked with. You made the entire process so unbelievably easy and were incredibly patient with me – but creative AF when you needed to be."

Philip Thomas

Ascential Futures, CEO

"Just seen the awards brand film for the first time. Brilliant, wonderful, absolutely incredible. Many congratulations, this really is world-class work."


Carol Cooper

"A witty spot that celebrates the frantic nature of campaign creation and the glory of the rewards it can bring.."

Most liked inhouse content on the Cannes Lions Instagram page


Cannes Lions is an annual international festival and awards ceremony that celebrates and honours excellence in creative advertising and marketing communications. 


For the 70th’s anniversary of the festival the Cannes team planned a video to celebrate the process that the creative teams have to go through before they can submit their work for the awards. Because we targeted marketeers who are aware of all the tricks that ever existed in the industry we moved away from a direct sales approach. Instead the story is focusing on the personal experience of trying to create an award winning work. We wanted to be completely honest about the highs and lows of the process and show how the struggle and the glory come together in this period. The point was that the creatives watching recognise their own memories in the details of the video.


The story follows the creator from the moment of receiving the brief until winning the award. The story is not limited to a particular production but instead we are showing all these elements of the creative process are part of all creatives’ lives. As we were all creatives in the team we were able to rely on our own personal experiences and hit a very personal tone. Having an opportunity to capture these stressful or funny experiences made the creation process really fun. It felt like we were telling our own story.


We were using the computer and the phone screen as a visual storytelling tool to reveal personal behind-the-scenes perspectives. We see a range of different screens from messaging apps to emails, alarms, calendars and editing software. One of the challenges was to take all these diverse assets and adopt it to the Cannes Lions minimal branding style. Our viewers are already familiar with the screen-record type videos so I was able to bring a new twist to the styling and strip away everything that wasn’t essential to understand what type of notification or software we are looking at. As a result the minimal style created intrigue and created a unanimous language to show the graphical assets.


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