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Tracey Davis

Money20/20, President

"I love it! Played it 4 times already - it gives me goosebumps."

Geraint Jones

Money20/20, Global VP Marketing

"I worked with Balint on Money20/20's new Vegas post show video concept from idea to final execution and I have to say I've been incredibly impressed. He's a rare combination of serious creative talent with outstanding work ethic and willingness to work at his craft. Some of the editing in that particular video is inspired - and the creativity in shot selection and preparation in Vegas was impressive to see.."

Philip Thomas

Ascential Futures, CEO

"I’ve seen the edit of the Vegas film. Brilliant. Arguably the best event video I ever saw.."

Mark Slade

Money20/20, Global VP Creative

"Good job sir and thank you for your tenacity and patience.."


Money20/20 is a global conference and event series focused on innovation and collaboration in the financial services and fintech industries.


Their brand is a brand that’s very comfortable being experimental with the way they organise their shows and how they frame the delegate experience. It was a big goal to bring the same attitude to the video marketing around the 2022 Las Vegas show. Our two main criteria was: 1, focusing on telling a real story rather than just reciting a sales pitch for tickets. 2, allowing real delegates to reveal a subjective, down to earth, and personal perspective about how they experience the 4 days at the show. It was really important to somehow make a breakthrough on these two fronts because by the end of 2022 the genuine, personal narrative was an inevitable part of video marketing. We wanted to tap into that and show people what the real M2020 looks like, the memories they can make, and the FOMO they will feel if they are not there. We wanted to make the platforms of Money2020 an attractive space where important stories are being told.


The M2020 team has come across a startup founder called Drew Glover who had quit his job to fly to Money2020 and use this opportunity to build his business from scratch. His journey perfectly encapsulates what Money2020 is about. We immediately got him on the production and added four other names to the list to show the diversity of the experiences.


Our visual storytelling tool was a phone screen. The viewers could follow what’s happening with our cast by having a sneak peek of their phones. This is where all the interaction and memories have left a mark. Weáve seen live camera capture, flight tickets and different apps like maps or Uber. This wide range of diverse content came together as part a social-media lookalike news feed. The way the 5 people’s stories got entangled on the news feed was suggesting to the viewer what kind of online interaction M2020 wanted to achieve. It was giving a subtle hint that this online community of people already exists - making it more attractive for others to engage with it.


During pre-production we did pre-interviews that allowed us to understand their side of the story and pick out common elements that will define the theme of the video. Drew’s already existing success story gave us the core but we needed to improvise a lot based on what took place at the 2022 show. Me as part of a  3 person team were focusing on capturing everything story-related and one cinematographer focusing on the main highlights of the show schedule independent from our story.


We ended up with a lot of footage and a lot of new details that I had to put into our framework. Pace and the editing style reflect the intensity of the event the way one experience hits you after the other. The editing process was very demanding so while I was working on the narrative on my timeline, a team of motion graphics designers created the social feed and the app mockups. It was very important that we managed delivered this video on socials very quickly after the event so people would discover it and use it as a point of reference when they talk about the show.


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